Bike Rodeo 2016 volunteering

There are just so many ways to help! Please sign up for the time(s) you can help below.

Helmet Fitting Days: Fit helmets!

·       Friday, June 10 - after school                               

·       Monday, June 13 - after school

·       Tuesday, June 14 – after school      

Course Set Up and Bike Pick up, Wednesday, June 15, 7-8:30 pm: We’ll draw out the course and make a run through our various neighborhoods to pick up any bikes that can’t make it to school on their own. This day is weather dependent – contact information is especially important here…

The BIG Day! Thursday, June 16. We’ll need lots of help all day! Come for the day, come for an hour. Each station will be staffed by a combination of the fabulous fifth graders and adult helpers.

Please check the slot(s) below you could help with. Thanks!