Enrichment Program

The Fall Creek Enrichment program provides a menu of one-hour classes after school for two six-week sessions, in Fall and Spring. Classes are taught by a mix of Fall Creek parents and teachers and other community members. A fee is charged so that instructors can be paid (this is not a fund-raiser for the PTA, but it also doesn’t cost a lot to run). Reduced fees are available. Topics range widely, including arts and crafts, languages, exercise, and games.

Be sure to sign up for your favorites promptly - registration is limited, and Enrichment is a popular program!



Enrichment Policies



Staff Coverage Off School Property

If a teacher takes a class off school property, the ratio of adults to children must be 4 to 1.


Response to Challenging Behavior During Enrichment

If a child is disruptive during a class, the instructor will work with the Enrichment coordinator and the Enrichment Monitor to support the child with challenging behavior.  In the event that management continues to be an issue, the instructor can ask the child to leave the class.


Refunds for Enrichment Classes

A full refund can be issued to those who withdraw during the first week.  After that no refunds are available.


Payment for Enrichment Classes

Full payment is required to register for a class. 


Volunteer Policy Regarding Payment

If a family member volunteers to help in a class for all six sessions, the fee is waived for one child to attend one class


Payment for Children of Enrichment Teachers

Children of Enrichment teachers can attend the class taught by the parent free of charge


Make-up Policy for Snow Days 

If school is closed for an entire day, Enrichment will be cancelled with no make-up sessions.


Response to an Accident

In the event of an accident, the Enrichment teacher will fill out an Incident Report, which will be kept in the PTA folder in the office. The family will be immediately notified.


Policy for Children Who Have Medical Issues

Parents and Enrichment coordinators will collaboratively develop a plan to support a child with medical issues.  With parent permission, this plan will include access to the school medical records as needed.